06 August 2010

>kill author Issue 8

Je suis over the moon: I've had a story accepted by >kill author, a literary zine I really like.

This issue is named after Nabokov, which is kind of a red herring, but also better than just naming it Issue 8, no?

As the Barthes reference of the title suggests, they feature authors whose work is aware of its own constructedness, but doesn't cudgel the reader, or throw back to Deconstructionism-friendly recreations (also known as 'pointless'), or make the writing available only for theory-based appreciation (also known as 'reverse-engineering').

Party on, Wayne.

Check it out - they also have a pretty great blogroll on one of their pages, if you are looking for other new and WILD online writing.


rebekah said...

congratulations! that's brilliant. Where might I get hold of this wild and wonderful publication?

rebekah said...

oh. Online. x