12 August 2010

FiveChapters VS big publishing

FiveChapters provides short stories in five chapters (duh), emailing them to subscribers over the course of Mon - Fri.

The short stories come from pretty amazing well-known authors like Joyce Carol Oates and A. L. Kennedy, as well as newbloods, mainly American.

They then archive the stories. David Gordon's 'We Happy Few' is a pretty good place to start, since it starts:

They say there are no coincidences, that nothing in this world truly happens by accident. So perhaps, deep down, I really meant to show my penis to my entire class.

And then you kind of have to read the rest, don't you, even if it's going to take Mon - Fri?

Now, they're bucking the trend towards online publishing, and going the other way, with (gasp) some print publishing planned.

An interview at Galley Cat with founder, and all-round diamond chap, David Daley, explains the move.

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