29 February 2008

A Hawk and a Hacksaw w/ the Hangar Ensemble @ Leeds Trinity Church on 7/5/7

Were you to become this sound at this point you would never answer your phone.

A point all at once blood-saturated and mad histories, heaths and inky lightning-rent skies – the depth of harpsichord, clavichord, trumpet, a clarinet-saxophone, double bass resonating in the pews – the babble of party corridors you have dreamt of / wished for – the raised now – the intimation, un-detailed & not at all to do with – out up down & very away from the searching for – an involvement, a congregation swaying as it is made to become the opening inhale draw of the accordion – hey, there is no rave on the other side of town, you bring your where-is-it-and-will-there-be-anyone-there agitated walk here.

And there are belled ruddy jangling men hopskip dancing all around in the air, moustachioed tinkerbells who have drunk and fought fathers – many.

And it gets into this shambling blast of solo on solo where the sax becomes an elephant, the trumpet darts out, snapping, the double bass a great dignified brass tulip (string reaching down down to bulbous and then blown out root rivers, down), the violin meanders, courses, is the forward point of a river enriching its parenthestic and dark soil, the one drum a gorilla (wiv hat) beating chest, a rolling beat thru shamboling wood clearing filled sphere, meshy with overlapping solos rising.

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