25 June 2007

Three Studies for Portrait of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon

There is the snapped nerve of the universe
Whence this motion.
My eyes carry this,
Thru what was the middle eye and will enthuse out.

The impression of a young boy
judder swell skirrs
before my left eye, I ma my most damnable father
before my left eye
holding up a sage hand.

Consternation for your urge, your lust
and your removal of the sun.

Ecto boy I and father are fastened on that plasm banner you say is opaque invisible
Francis I feel you seeing, seeing
bleeding down.
If you see my right eye u see where I am what I am looking into.
Raptor Innocent X
tracking the motion turning enthuse
Is it a horizontal arc?
I am but man I can follow
Some vomit and olives drirl from my ear

I am mind gone whole,
I am over there,
there is my immanence’s sequela,
sequela is my beyond-escape. Pope Cardinal X was em, beyond-intent.

And and universe’s quick
pus is lemon colour paint between su
where again will snap,

here comes another tuurn whither, whither tossed out of mauger scarlet.

U, Francis U, let em speak yet

“Francis Bacon talking about Rembrandt in Gadfly piece, March 1998”

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