21 November 2012

Find an analogy

'As I suspect is true with many who write for a living, as I write I think about all sorts of things. I don't necessarily write down what I'm thinking; it's just that I write as I think about things. As I write, I arrange my thoughts. And rewriting and revising takes my thinking down even deeper paths. No matter how much I write, though, I never reach a conclusion. And no matter how much I rewrite, I never reach the destination… All I do is present a few hypotheses or paraphrase the issue. Or find an analogy between the structure of the problem and something else… 

I don't know what significance running 62 miles [a "Supermarathon"] by your self has, but as an action that deviates from the ordinary yet doesn't violate basic values, you'd expect it to… add a few new elements to your inventory in understanding who you are. And as a result, your view of life, its colours and shape, should be transformed. More or less… this happened to me, and I was transformed.'

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