22 May 2011

apathy is shameful

Have you seen what's going on in Spain? Everyone's saying it looks like things are changing and I hope that will be the case... I've abstained in elections for a long time (there are people saying now there's no point; well there's no point if only I vote, but if 100,000 people do it then there's a point), and feeling ashamed -- personally but also by the political classes in general, and the one in Spain particuarly. The problem is that, along with the vast majority of Spaniards, I was stuck in a conformist mindset, in saying "that's just the way it is" -- but it isn't the way it SHOULD be, we deserve far better. It's shameful that politicians implicated in corruption charges are still allowed to stand; it's shameful that politicians get a wage for life -- what they get for the classes and conferences their status means they can give and the business they can set up once they 'retire' form politics; it's shameful that they're cutting healthcare and education; it's shameful that in Spain there's almost 20% unemployment and 45% of teh under-25's are out of work; apathy is shameful. We'll see... Will there be repercussions in Sunday's elections? I really don't think everything can change at once, but it could be a step in the right direction. They know what they want to change, but they don't know exactly how to achieve it. Maybe for the general elections next year we'll be better prepared.

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