22 May 2010

Nike's new Ad

The bit where Rooney sees himself failing, having failed, and doing something about it; the bit where Ronaldinho's trick is repeated on the internet, becomes a dance move, a global dance craze, Kobe doing it. The bits where all the kids start thinking like this; watching, going outside with the ball, attaching similar sequences of images - their faces superimposed on Wayne's/ Ronnie's bodies - to how bad/ good their skills are.

How much did Nike splurge on this lot? How much do I want their jobs? Art Director: Freddie Powell; Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; VFX 3D Artist: Neil Davies; VFX 3D Artist: Tom Busel; VFX 2D Artist: Neil Davies; VFX 2D Artist: Tom Busel; Telecine Artist: Seamus O'Kane; VFX Executive Producer: Stephen Venning; VFX Producer: Matt Williams; VFX Producer: Allison Cain; Mixer: Raja Seghal.

Big big ups.

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