18 October 2009

Maradona - “the Michelin clown”!

Suckers: John Carlin on Maradona

‘It’s one thing that Argentinian journalists have been “sucking on it” - something that’s hardly news, considering the fact they’ve been doing so for the last 30 years - or, more accurately perhaps, blowing it - since they’ve been inflating the ego of the Michelin clown so much so that that he believed himself to be irrefutable evidence that “God is an Argentinian.” ’

Que rabia!

… Carlin goes on to argue that what Agentina needs (being, as he germanely points out, the country in the world with most psychoanalysts per capita) is for ol’ Blighty to be drawn against them in the World Cup, and to be beaten by them, to remove Argentina from the psychological clutches of the cult of Diego (and presumably sort out the national debt and the effective trade embargo, too); apparently (no trans-poetic license here, I promise) Argentina could do with such a defeat, in the way that losing the Falklands was good for them because it ended the “most Nazi” regime in south American history...

Want to become an internationally renowned journalist? Can you conflate pop psychoanalysis, football and historico-political issues into dubious wholes, and pepper the pot with a bit of personal prejudice while you’re at it? The job is yours, son!

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