26 May 2008

open circles

I love Diarios de Futbol. There, a group of Spanish writers, some amateur, some who publish in the national press, all admirably workaholic, post pieces on football. The coverage is remarkably international, in-depth and, in a Spanish way, really poetic. Sadly, Ramon Flores does not share my distrust of everything David Beckham-related, including David Beckham the footballer. So when he says, in an otherwise nice piece of join-the-youtube-dots, that Beckham has this weekend ‘closed the circle’ - with a goal goal from the half way line at the end of his career for the LA Galaxy against Kansas City recalling his similarly distance-defying effort in the beginning for Manchester United against Wimbledon back in 1996 - I despair at all this poeticization of football and its obscuring of the implications - IT CAN NEVER BE A GOOD THING TO BE POETIC ABOUT DAVID BECKHAM, KIDS MIGHT READ THIS RAMON - perhaps because it reminds me that DB has had phenomenal moments on, as well as off, the pitch.

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Anonymous said...

What is this I have come to find? Something to make me throw my laptop down the stairs? Possibly, Mr. Bunstead. Hopefully not too many people picked up the same penname or all may be lost- not really but it sounds dramatic. Hurry up and finish that book of yours, I need something else to read.